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We have many opportunities to serve and use your talent for the benefit and blessing to others in the Kingdom. Below is a summary of the different Ministries/Departments at CTA.


Christ Throne Institute is responsible for the spiritual development of our Church family. It teaches fundamentals needed to equip new members to become Christ disciples and translate our mission statement and vision into an actionable discipleship plan.
Classes offered include:
Membership Class (Belong)
Foundation Class
Discipleship Class
Freedom Class
Leadership Class


Small groups split the larger church body into smaller bite-sized pieces made up of people with common interests and similar life challenges. They provide a great place to
network, make new friends, develop deeper relationships, and study the Word together while learning from each other.

Small Groups:
• Men of Valor
• Women Arise
• Next Gen (Young Adult)
• Kingdom Ambassadors



• Organize programs, meetings, and events that advance the cause of spiritual transformation and attract people to Christ.

• Assists with the planning, facilitation, and support of all special events associated with Christ Throne (for example - Special Sermon Series, Church Picnic, Praise Night, Easter Fun, Christmas events, etc.)
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• Facilitates growth within the church by implementing systems to streamline the transition of guests to functional, growing and active church members

• Provide hospitality services to members and guests

• In conjunction with other Pastors and Ministers as necessary, provide for the welfare of church members and create an atmosphere where the needs of Christ Throne members are met.



• Develop and implement an acquisition, maintenance and divestiture (as necessary) strategy for all church equipment, facilities and premises.

• Maintain all church property including physical building, furniture, and signage.

• Work with the church office to administer the use of Church Facilities.

• Maintain the inside of the sanctuary which includes the cleaning, maintenance of fixtures, replenishment of supplies and modification of building space to accommodate changing needs etc.


• Ensure the smooth transition of new members to volunteers and serving to the best of their capacity, keeping them actively engaged; and that all departments are adequately staffed.

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• Initiate ministrations that align with the current spiritual theme and focus of the church

• Seeks to worship God through dance and lead people into high praise and worship and inspire and encourage creativity and liberty in worship.

• Initiate and develop programs and events that will provide avenues for members of Christ Throne Allen to minister to God through dance ministrations


• Through acting, singing and dancing they aim to illustrate various scenarios that we face in our Christian walk.

• Illustrate the teachings of Jesus Christ through the performing arts, to entertain using dynamic characters and storylines, and to foster an atmosphere of uninhibited connection to the word of God



• The mission of the Outreach department is to promote diversity and meet the needs of the less privileged through the acts of kindness and compassion and to provide a range of charitable, educational, and community development activities in the Dallas MetroPlex.


• Stand in the gap for the pastor and the leadership of the church

• Maintain the spiritual focus and integrity of the prayer ministry

• Initiate and develop programs that will provide avenues for members to minister to God in prayer

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• Translate the current CTA mission and vision into an actionable children's church plan

• Develop and administer the children's church curriculum
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• The ushers are to serve the congregation primarily and to help facilitate decency and order as well as offer practical assistance before, during and after the worship service. They are to ensure that guests are seated appropriately.

• They are to ensure guests and members are greeted warmly.


The protocol team serves the under-shepherd of the house and our guest ministers while building up the kingdom of God. In order to achieve these goals, they pursue the following objectives:

• Spiritual sensitivity to the needs of the Pastors/Guest Ministers

• Encourage the development of every Leader in the department.



• Seeks to worship God through Music and lead people into high praise and worship and inspire and encourage creativity and liberty in worship.

• Maintain the spiritual focus and integrity of the music ministry.

• Initiate ministrations that align with the current spiritual theme and focus of the church.

• Initiate and develop programs and events that will provide avenues to minister to God in praise and worship.

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• Ensures that the audio needs of the church are always met through crisp and clear sound.

• They are responsible for setup, maintenance, coordination and use of the church's audio, visual and lighting technology.

• The department's mission is to glorify God by ensuring that His word and our praise and songs to Him is seen and heard clearly and without distraction or interference within the sanctuary and via online media.

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